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FAQs and Studio Protocols

Our mission at Main Spring Pilates and Wellness is to align the body and mind through purposeful movement. We are committed to enriching lives by helping each individual strengthen their body, build confidence and meet their fitness goals. We foster a supportive, encouraging and respectful environment, and ask that our clients reciprocate this philosophy. 


What equipment is used in a Pilates workout?

Pilates workouts incorporate equipment that is specially designed to build strength and increase flexibility. The Pilates apparatuses, known as the Reformer, Tower and Chair provide spring-based resistance that can be tailored to all fitness levels. Pilates equipment and props include the large and small fitness balls, resistance rings, MOTR resistance system, barre and arc trainer. You'll find that each workout is unique and interesting! ​

What are the benefits of Pilates?

Pilates has many benefits! Pilates is focused on the core, and improving core strength helps in almost every aspect of daily life and athletic performance. Pilates can improve strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, and can be tailored to your specific goals.​


How is Pilates different than yoga?

Pilates and yoga are two distinct disciplines. While both have a myriad of benefits, they are quite different in many ways. Pilates incorporates nearly continuous movement throughout the workout. Pilates also uses a wide variety of specially designed equipment and props, including apparatuses with spring-based resistance.  


​What if I have health issues or injuries?

We ask that you keep us informed of any health concerns so that we may provide you with instruction that is safe and appropriate for your fitness level. In some cases, we may require clearance from your physician before proceeding with workouts. ​


What should I wear to class?

Fitted, modest workout attire is encouraged. Exercise tanks or fitted t-shirts, leggings, bike shorts or long basketball shorts are great options. Be mindful about low cut necklines, short-shorts and very loose attire as you will find them to be a distraction as you are moving through the various exercises. Sticky (gripper) socks are required for in-studio classes. Long hair should be pulled up. Hats and sunglasses should be put away prior to class.​


What if I need to cancel a reservation?

We understand that life happens! We ask that you provide 24 hours notice in the event that you need to cancel a class, so that we may offer your session to another client. Cancellations that occur with less than 24 hours notice will be charged for the session.

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